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About Us

Arizona Southwest Patrol provides professional services and boast a highly trained, caring staff. Our security officers must first be trained through our in-house training program consisting of:

Introduction to Security, Officer Safety, Patroling 1 & 2, Laws of Arrest, Report Writing, Foot Patrol and Vehicle Patrol. Community Relations, Customer Relations, Conflict Resolution, Uniform and Equipment, Radio Procedures, Post Assignment Orientation, Parking and Traffic Control, Use of Force, and Use of Deadly Force.

During patrol service, our patrol officers are on property site for a minimum of 15 minutes per patrol check. If a problem is encountered, or routine assistance to fellow officers is requested, patrol will remain on site for a reasonable amount of time to investigate and resolve problem. Patrol and officers enforce trespassing, loitering, disturbances, curfew violations, site searches for prowlers, suspicious and criminal activity.


Lorenzo Vazquez

Lorenzo-bioLorenzo is the founder and Chief Instructor of Arizona Southwest Patrol and Firearms Training Facility. He is a retired law enforcement officer in California with 25 years of firearms experience and is passionate about the safety and proficient use of all firearms. He is a Glock, 1911 pistol and rifle enthusiast and collector. He has been involved in private security, law enforcement and training non-stop for over 17 years.

Qualifications and Training:
  • NRA firearms instructor
  • NRA Rifle Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Arizona DPS Certified firearms instructor
  • California BSIS Certified firearms instructor
  • Martial arts instructor
  • Defensive tactics instructor
  • Chemical agent instructor
  • Tactical shot gun
  • Tactical carbine rifle
  • Tactical handgun

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