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Border Tactical Security Unit and Special Assignments

AZSWP is not concerned with addressing immigration. Immigration is the domain of our government. We are interested in protecting our Americans who live, work, farm, ranch, and sleep on our borders, and the loved ones, businesses and property that is precious to them.

We are able to provide services including, but not limited to:

  • Ranch and agricultural security, either static (remaining onsite post) or random patrols
  • Petroleum industry security, of manpower, equipment, drilling operations, pipelines
  • Government contractors
  • Route clearing and sweeping and checking property
  • Counter assault team vehicle escorts
  • Personal protection of persons whether private or government, travelling, or working in this region
  • Escort of assets through high risk areas.
  • Vacation watch for residences
  • Home/ranch defense, basic through advanced, tactical, emergency medical and weapons training, for those who provide their own security force, from the parents to the children who may be forced to fight for their survival. Our BSO (Border security officers) are highly trained in law enforcement and advance military tactics and are state certified through AZ DPS Security Guard Licensing Unit

We apply special, tested and proven tactics, technology, weapons and equipment employed by experienced, quiet professional anti-terrorist operators to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Our talent extends to training and securing some of the most dangerous places in Arizona. Whether you need an assessment on where you can improve the physical security of your home, or you need a team of experts to physically secure your property, we have the experience to get the job done. Our team stands ready and able to meet any challenge to ensure your people and property are safe.


Have high value cargo you need moved? AZSWP has the personnel and experience to ensure the safety of your most valuable assets. With years of experience in moving valuable items, we stand ready to meet any needs your business may have. We oversee the complete safety of any cargo you may need moved. We have experience in moving everything from high valued jewelry, priceless artwork to matters of public safety. No matter what the need, we have you covered.

  • Rapid Response Unit (RRU) is the Threat Management and Protection Tactical Response Unit. It consists of experienced armed security officers with specialized training to provide enhanced security at high threat / remote locations or whenever a deployment calls for a temporary state of visibly heightened security. RRU / BSO are recognized by their tactical appearance. When circumstances require, RRU or BSO officers may be deployed with long guns (shotgun / carbine rifle) to combat serious threats. Many deployments require a combination of uniform and plain-clothed officers for presence during hostile terminations or workplace violence incidents.
    The basic RRU / BSO training includes:
    • Advanced weapons use and tactics (handgun, shotgun, carbine rifle and long range rifle).
    • Advanced defensive driving class (law enforcement certified).
    • Advanced training in verbal situation de-escalation
    • Advanced self-defense training and restraint techniques.
    • Navigation and remote survival techniques.
    • Fundamentals of Executive Protection.
    • Surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques.

Our RRU / BSO officers are available for short-term and long-term assignments within Arizona


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